Crystalview® HD Multipoint Server


Crystalview® HD Multipoint Server enables multiple Crystalview® HD endpoints to join a multiparty conference anytime. It is the server module for Crystalview® innovative RSW Control Criteria, whereby bandwidth for multipoint video conference is kept to a minimal level.

Crystalview® HD Multipoint Server is designed to provide the simplicity of the deployment, without worry about myriads of video conference infrastructures such as Gatekeeper, MCU, Session Border Controller and etc. in traditional enterprise wide H.323 video conference solution. It is a combination of gatekeeper, MCU and NAT traversal, all-in-one solution!

With the built-in intuitive web-based administration management system, the server can be managed from a remote location. Remote maintenance and troubleshooting works can be performed with this web administrator.

Features Highlight

HD9100Proprietary RSW protocol for bandwidth optimization.
HD9100Advanced Document Conference protocol.
HD9100Built-in H.323 based MCU.
HD9100Integrated Crystal-Lite cloud-based server.
HD9100Integrated Live Update server.
HD9100Dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 Support.
HD9100Built in NAT and firewall traversal feature without compromising on security.
HD9100Acts as border controller to hide enterprise client from external view.
HD9100Integrated Linux IPTABLES firewall to provide security.
HD9100Individual login authentication for all multipoint clients.
HD9100HTTPS for secure management.
HD9100Web-based administration management system.