Crystalview® HD 9300 Telepresence System

      Crystalview® HD 9300 Telepresence System

CLiteHD is offered as a unique all-in-one video collaboration solution combining its room system capabilities with multiparty conferencing, along with desktop and mobile connectivity for remote participants including firewall traversal. HD9300 is refinement and polish goes beyond the user experience to the sleek and elegant hardware design of the system. The CrystalLite is a natural fit for today’s businesses. The on-screen gives leaders full meeting moderation, and with screen share, users can wirelessly present content from their laptops. CLiteHD has been optimized to work best on Google Chrome browser. The browser-based behavior enables CLiteHD to be launched on accessed via most operating system platforms, with high definition video conferencing & crystal clear audio sessions, to be done anytime, anywhere!

HD8200Full HD capabilities
HD8200Optimized for Chrome browser and mobile platform
HD8200No installation required
HD8200Optimized for low bandwidth environment.

Features Highlight

HD8200Single click conference
HD8200Connects up to 12 attendees with HD quality of video and audio
HD8200Multipoint instant messaging feature
HD8200Secure (i.e. conference room lock with password)
HD8200Secured and encrypted conference setup
HD8200Award Winning NAT and Firewall Traversal.
HD8200IPv4/IPv6 dual stack interoperability.
HD8200Full HD recorder and HD video playback.
HD8200Real-time inline bandwidth monitoring system.
HD8200Secured and encrypted communication channel.