Crystalview® HD 9100 Telepresence System


***Skype: We support audio only for Crystal View 9100.

Introducing the revolutionary Unified Communication Platform, Crystalview® HD 9100 Telepresence System defines the new way of doing video conferencing. Leveraging on the advanced technologies today, Crystalview® HD 9100 offers the flexibility of multi-party video conferencing session and real-time data collaboration with multiple video conferencing technologies available.
Equipped with wide angle Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) 1080p Full HD Camera system, Crsytalview® HD9100 is an ideal solution for large conference room, boardroom, courtroom, distance learning facilities and convention hall.

HD9100Innovative RSW Protocol-based Full HD Conference offers optimum bandwidth saving multiparty video conference.
HD9100ITU Standard H.323 interoperability ensures effective communication with other video conferencing system in the market.
HD9100Full Skype interoperability enables regular and group call with remote party anytime.
HD9100Crystal-Lite cloud-based web solution enables communication with any users from web browser anytime, anywhere.

Features Highlight

HD9100Unifying Platform capable of connecting to multiple video conferencing standards.
HD9100True HD video quality without being affected by bandwidth condition.
HD9100Support up to 4 Full HD Telepresence displays.
HD9100Connects to all H.323-based MCU.
HD9100Full Skype interoperability including landline calling.
HD9100Crystal-Lite cloud-based web solution integrated.
HD9100Award Winning NAT and Firewall Traversal.
HD9100IPv4/IPv6 dual stack interoperability.
HD9100Full HD recorder and HD video playback .
HD9100Real-time inline bandwidth monitoring system.
HD9100Real-time system Live Update.
HD9100Secured and encrypted communication channel.
HD9100Built-in Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) and Noise Suppression (NS) audio system.
HD9100Advanced Document Conference Technology .