CliteHD Cloudlet


Crystal-Lite HD is a Cloud-based service that provides browsers and mobile application with Real-time multimedia communication and data collaboration capabilities. Crystal-Lite HD has been optimized to work best on Chrome browser.

Unlike conventional video conferencing and messenger software, Crystal-Lite HD does not require additional installation. The browser-based behavior in nature has made it environmentally friendly i.e. Crystal-Lite HD can be launched on any OS platform, and high quality video conferencing session can be done anytime, anywhere.

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Features Highlight

HD9100Full HD capabilities.
HD9100Optimized for Chrome browser and mobile platform.
HD9100No installation required.
HD9100Optimized for low bandwidth environment.
HD9100Single click conference.
HD9100Connects up to 12 sides with good quality of video and audio.
HD9100Multipoint instant messaging feature.
HD9100High quality multipoint screen sharing.
HD9100Secure i.e. Secure conference room lock with password.
HD9100Secured and encrypted call set up.